You might be designing the bathroom of your dreams, building a new home, remodeling the existing bathroom in your home, or adding on a new bathroom. In all of these scenarios you have only a certain amount of room to work with. We’ve put together these 8 Tips which can help you in this process.

1)Start by making a list of everything you can think of that you will absolutely need and require in your bathroom. The obvious of the bunch would be your bathroom vanity & toilet, next up is a question for you, will this remodel be a full bathroom meaning a shower and bath tub or a single free standing shower?


2)After the essentials comes the wants, these are the items you want to include. An overwhelmingly amount of people want a cabinet under the sink, so we suggest using a bathroom vanity that comes installed with pre-drilled holes, this will make your installation much easier! A bathroom vanity can provide you with extra storage space for items that you’ll use in the bathroom, like toilet paper, shampoo, mouth wash, etc which is ideal if you are short on space. Now that you’ve decided on a bathroom vanity, figure out if you will be adding a mirror over the sink that either does or does not have a medicine chest. Lighting is very important, which is why we think LED Mirrors are a great option, which can offer you various lighting modes. 



3)We’ve made it to step 3 and if you are starting to feel unconformable or unsure that you are going to be able to complete the project on your own, you might want to consider seeking the help of a professional. If this is right up your alley and up for the challenge, continue reading on.

4)Quite possibly the most crucial aspect of any project is space. Make sure to measure your bathroom and even check it twice, you need to be sure of exactly how much room you have to work with. Make your selection of items that you would like to have in your bathroom and get the measurements of each of them. Your toilet, bathroom vanity, free standing bathtub and any other item that will require space in your bathroom. Once you’ve got all of that, create a layout to scale or as best as you can of your space and begin to place items where you would want them to go. You can also do this by cutting out pieces of paper to the size of the item and placing it in your bathroom. Finally, don’t’ forget to leave some space between your items! 



5)Unless you have no problem showering in front of a window and giving your neighbors a free show, be mindful of where you are placing items. Remember that you might be limited in where a freestanding bathtub can be placed based on your plumbing.

6)If you’ve tried everything and nothing seems to fit into your space, play with the design and change the layout that might be a more efficient use of space. For example if you are concerned about storage, try adding some floating shelves, or add a bathroom vanity with ample storage room.

7)Imagination, have fun and enjoy the process. If you’ve flipped the design and layout upside down and inside out, you might have to decide on what items you can do without. For example, that pedestal sink that is not giving you any storage space, think about switching it out to a bathroom vanity that’s going to give you that extra storage for your bathroom essentials.